Artist biography

Mike was born in Dublin Ireland in 1959 and is now based in Grand Cayman. He started using a camera when he was 14 back in the early 70's. He would borrow his Dad's old 35mm film camera and head off down to the sea. No digital, back in those days.... " you had to wait, sometimes for weeks for your film to come back from the lab to see if you got anything" he recalls . He spent most of his summer holidays in the West of Ireland and it was here that he found his love of the outdoors, the Atlantic coastline and the light....

He got his first job in a Photographic laboratory in Dublin one summer, and that's what started him down this long road of discovery. He moved on to work in a professional custom lab for a few years, where he learned all the secrets of darkroom manipulation ... "Photoshop has been around for years you know, it was just called something else, Darkroom technician" ...
He then moved on to set up his own studio and photo lab in Dublin which he ran for 14 years.

In his Landscape work he uses different techniques including extra long exposure and multiple exposure for blending in the digital darkroom at a later stage. He will take days sometimes weeks planning for some of his shots. One image in particular that he is very proud of is an image called " Night turns to day " and is hanging in Our Lady's Hospice in Dublin. It is 10' x 2' Print made up of 32 different exposures which took months of planning. " The Capture is only the start of the process. The final print, that's what it's all about for me " he says, and his prints speak for themselves.

His prints have found their way to the United States, Australia, New Zealand and many offices around Dublin, Ireland of course.
Mike has now established himself in Grand Cayman where his work and his unique "Resin Coated Images" can be seen on display every Wednesday at Camana Bay Artisan Market.
All Images printed to order and available in sizes up to 6' x 2'